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Our Horses

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This handsome Westphalian gelding brings an air of GQ to the barn. He always looks like he is ready for a photo shoot. His dressage background gives him the skills needed to make an impression in the arena and in the paddock. Babylon and George Clooney have a lot in common. 

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Neva Rae Powers 
Thank you for your support of Babylon!


This blue roan Quarter horse, aka Blue, is level headed and easy. This natural leader keeps the ponies in check but prefers being pampered by the volunteers. If you're feeling the need for a hug, Blue is the guy to go to. 


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Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Miller
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This clever Lusitano mare has mastered the skills of carriage driving. Her level head and attitude make her a great partner for drivers at every level. 

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Murray Kessler & Sarah Davis 
Thank you, Kim, for your generous support!

Clark Kent

His name definitely suits his name. Clark stands string and brave as the superman he is! Clark sports a long flowing black and brown mane that everyone uses to identify him. He isa very sweet, giving and getting kisses is a priority for him. 

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Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Miller
Thank you for your support of our equine athletes!

Destination X- Desi

Destination “X” is a true Southern gentleman. This flashy Arabian takes excellent care of his riders and his gentle demeanor makes him an invaluable member of the Vinceremos team.

There isn't much Desi won't do, from showing at Jim Brandon with volunteers to strutting his stuff at the Special Olympics. Just don't ask him to walk through a puddle though . . .there are monsters in there. Desi is sure of it!

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Mr. & Mrs. Trexler 


Diesel is a formidable bay Quarter Horse. Clients say he has the heart of a diesel truck, never giving up. He loves playing in the field with all his friends. Volunteers and students love learning grooming skills on Diesel. He is a calm and easy going member of the team. 

2019 Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. Simpson

Fort Lauderdale aka Freddy

Freddy had a very successful career in the show ring before bringing his talents to Vinceremos. This flashy chestnut gelding with a bold white blaze is very handsome. Freddy is sweet and loving, building the confidence and trust for many participants. 

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Rick & Julie Mitchell 


A dun Quarter horse originally from Maine, where he gave trail rides at summer camp. He still loves taking riders out of the arena to explore the farm and enjoy independance that riding a horse provides. 


This lovely bay Westphalian mare is a real beauty. She works happily in the arena or on the trail, giving riders new confidence as they step up to the big leagues on this special girl. 

Robin Hood

This sweet bay pony is the star of the hippotherapy team. He is a German riding pony and has the perfect combination of good nature and strength. 

2019 Sponsors

Carol and Blake Hodess


Romy is a Friesian/Hanoverian cross with blood that runs back to the legendary stallion Rubenstein. Romy is a favorite of our more advanced riders working on dressage techniques, including riders in our para dressage techniques, including riders in our para dressage program. 


This substantial Halflinger, Skippy, is heavily involved in our hippotherapy program. This little guy is a hard worker and loves to be active. His playful personality and big brown eyes lure in all of our riders and volunteers!

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Mr. & Mrs. Pew


Lovingly known as Tuna, is a unicorn in disguise. This charming, button nose pony is one of our hippotherapy stars. After a successful show career, this Welsh pony brought his winning temperment to Vinceremos. Like all grays he is the first to roll in the mud! 

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Laura Hanson & Emmalee Virginia


Sugar is a big asset to our program, large in size and personality. Sugar is a major player in every discipline, always willing to try something new. She enjoys long walks on the trail and attention from the riders!

2019 Sponsor

Terri Kane


Our power pocket is a super star in every way. Tilly is an easy keeper with a lot of spunk and spirit. "Miss Reliable" can do it all; she enjoys all games including polo! Tilly's sturdy build makes her a comfortable ride for even the most unbalanced rider. She is a program staple! 

2019 Sponsors

Will & Tiffany Piper


This goofy Paint is the perfect horse for teaching our independent riders to steer, as he takes a bit more effort to ride than some of our other mounts. Will's quirky personality and steady, comfortable gaits make him a fun ride!

2019 Sponsors

Mr. & Mrs. Smith


This little big man is a favorite with our veterans. Zeus has found a family here at Vinceremos that loves him for who he is, and not concerned about who he can't be. 

2019 Sponsor

Mrs. Gill Johnston


After a successful show career, this Mecklenburg mare is hard to miss. She stand 17.1" hands and is the tallest horse in the barn. Her height and strength give her the ability to carry our adult riders with ease. Zoey is playful and kind- she wants to be everyone's friend! 

2019 Sponsor

Diana Rose, Lisa Von Martels, & Jill Irving 

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