School Programs

Is your school interested in adding Equine Assisted Learning and Education?

Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center offers opportunities for schools with exceptional student programs to incorporate Equine Assisted Learning and Education into their weekly curriculum. These learning programs promote the development of life skills for educational, professional and personal goals through experiences with the horses. Participants gain developmental assets including self esteem and self confidence while developing a relationship with the their large and powerful equine partner.

Horses offer us an opportunity to experience humility, compassion and trust, all critical elements supporting self growth and self-awareness. The Vinceremos program integrates the Palm Beach County Board of Education standards into their program. Examples of standards include completing routines and tasks, following rules and procedures across various settings, demonstrating the ability to adjust to new routines and changes in settings and locations, participating in group activities and maintaining personal safety. Each of these standards are demonstrated with the help of the horses without using any individual as an example. This allows for open conversation and inclusion.

If you would like to learn more about introducing these benefits to your group or students please email us or call the office at 561 792 9900

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