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About Us

Vinceremos means "to overcome" or "to conquer" in Latin. The horses' gentle nature and rhythmic movement joined with our staff's extensive expertise has helped hundreds of clients conquer challenges associated with their disabilities. Vinceremos serves children and adults with developmental, physical and psychological disabilities in its dynamic stable environment.

VTRC coordinates its services through physician/therapist referrals, group homes, school programs and individual enrollment. Vinceremos staff includes Therapeutic Riding instructors, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists. The staff also includes 23 specially-trained equine partners that have been selected for their patience, dependability and rhythmic gaits. This therapeutic medium propels clients to reach goals such as:

  • Strengthen postural control and core balance
  • Improve motor function
  • Increase ability to concentrate
  • Gain a greater sense of self-esteem and accomplishment
  • Enhance communication and social skills

While mastering these goals in VTRC's fun, natural and nurturing environment, riders gain greater independence and achieve a higher quality of life. The bond formed between our horses and the clients often motivates them to continue their equine interest, either as a long-term therapy or as a life-long recreational outlet.

We invite you to take a closer look at Vinceremos and see the healing power of horses!


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