Adaptive Riding

What is Adaptive Riding?

Adaptive Riding offers a unique and challenging opportunity for people with limitations to be empowered with a sense of pride, accomplishment and independence. The ability to communicate with and control a 1, 200 pound animal can take confidence to great heights. Adaptive Riding is structured so that each rider builds their equestrian skills at their own pace to their own level of proficiency. Multiple disciplines are taught: English Equitation,Western Equitation, Dressage and Trail. Summer programs are available that explore polo and gymkhana games.

Adaptive Riding at Vinceremos builds each rider's equestrian skills, core strength, coordination and balance. Additionally, communication, socialization and responsibility are key aspects of the program. Each rider's objectives are set based on their indivual goals. The program is supported by skilled instructors and a team of volunteers. Reaching a goal, meeting a new milestone or winning a ribbon is a joyous occasion for everyone at Vinceremos. We celebrate every victory!

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