Irma Saenz


Irma came to us 6 years ago from a business background in Mortgage Banking and Commercial Real Estate. She was a commercial property manager in Tampa, Florida for 15 years before moving on to Mortgage Banking which she did for 13 years. As a commercial Property Manager she managed assets over $25,000,000 and managed over 13 commercial properties. She started her career at Vinceremos as an Administrative Assistant and was promoted to Comptroller after a review of her background and the need to maintain our financial records in house. She completely revamped the company’s chart of accounts, making them more user friendly which enabled the company to produce our own monthly reports. She is responsible for all accounts payable and receivables, has created an organized filing system and orders all supplies for the office and barn. She was instrumental in creating our Employee Manual, maintains all employee files and is the liaison between Vinceremos and our staffing company.   

Irma enjoys speaking to the parents, care givers and clients who provide so many amazing stories of their progress after attending several sessions of therapy. "I will never forget the day I came into the office and had a handwritten letter from a client’s parents who explained how her son loved coming here in spite of his physical disabilities and inability to speak". She stated that every time she would tell him we are going to horse therapy today, his face would light up.  Or the parent who said her non-verbal son’s first word was horse. She continues to hear and see the progress these sessions have made in their lives.