Mental Health Children & Families Program

What we know about mental health is that we heal within relationships. This can include a relationship with a horse, relationship with oneself, a family, and relationship with others. As prey animals in nature, horses are always prepared to fight or flee. Their brains are wired around the need for constant vigilance and immediate reaction to threat (Natural Lifemanship). This fight or flight response occurs in humans too, although for us, it is often maladaptive behavior causing impaired relationships. This is why we work with horses— they create a bridge for clients working through similar issues.

Children who have been through trauma and difficult situations may experience undesirable responses which over time, and through hard work, support, and dedication, may be rewired to adaptive, supportive, and desirable behaviors. We aim to build connected relationships, both with horses and humans, which may act as the stimulus for change.

Equine-assisted psychotherapy is facilitated by a licensed mental health professional and a certified equine specialist. Although this intervention is experiential, and done more in the field than in an office setting it is still traditional therapy. The treatment team in conjunction with the participant and their family will work to create a treatment plan. A goal will be identified and we will work as a team to meet specific and measurable goals. We are able to coordinate with outside professionals to best support the individual or group’s treatment and we can provide services adjacent to other therapies. We use strategies and techniques from models such as TF-CBT, TF-EAP, CBT, Solution Focused, Somatic Therapy, Play Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and more. We are held to a standard of both PATH int. and Eagala as we are certified in both models.

When it comes to children and families and their mental health, we’ve got you covered.  With equine-assisted psychotherapy we are able to provide services to families, children, pre-teens, and teens, who have experienced trauma and/or adverse experiences, symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, or Adjustment Disorder. We can support children as young as 5 years old. For more information or to schedule an assessment contact our main office or email us.

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