Freedom Reins Program For Veterans

LogoFreedom Reins is a group therapy program geared toward improving mental health for Veterans. The groups meet once weekly for the duration of the ten weeks. Vinceremos offers three levels, beginning with Level 1, and ending with Level 3.

The dates are as follows:

May 25th - Level 1 Begins (Summer)

September 5th - Level 2 Begins (Fall)

September 7th - Level 1 Begins (Fall)


To register, contact Brittany or Natalie for authorization:

Brittany - (561) 335-6658 or

Natalie -



What is EAP?

Treating the effects of trauma is never easy. In military culture, the challenge is even greater. The special demands placed on our services members and their families can lead to sometimes tragic consequences: PTSD, depression, divorce, drug and alcohol addiction, trauma and suicide. Thousands suffer every year from PTSD a disorder that can be debilitating and often overlooked. Symptoms include depression, anxiety, detachment substance abuse. Not only do victims suffer, but it affects the whole family system.

This facility has skillfully created a unique and engaging program for those struggling with PTSD. This curriculum focuses on increasing awareness to triggers, symptom management and re-engaging trust in others. Participants who have completed the whole program have seen an increase in self-confidence and self-worth are expected outcomes.

Veterans deserve our most effective healing solutions. Equine- assisted Psychotherapy often works where other traditional methods of treatment fail. Participants understand and recognize patterns, build on personal strengths and translate emotional insights into life-changing actions.

The horses’ reactions provide unbiased and real-time feedback to help people work through emotional barriers without shame or stigma. The Vinceremos Veterans program re-create situations they may face in life involving managing stress, and forming and maintaining relationships. The participants identify and build their resiliency skills and learn through self-discovery how to be more successful in life. With the completion of tasks and engagement with others, self-esteem and self-worth are increased. The Vinceremos Veterans program allows for powerful emotional breakthroughs, strengthened resiliency skills, and opportunity to connect to others and develop a larger support system.

"What I’ve learned about myself is that it is ok to live life in the moment and without fear. Before I came here, I lived in a lot of fear and had racing thoughts 24/7. Through this program I have learned to turn a lot of my negative thoughts into gratitude and positive thoughts. I have gained my life back because of this program."

"I have learned that I am too goal oriented and I forget to enjoy the present moment. I have realized that I should have boundaries but not walls. I am more aware of how others are feeling by picking up on their nonverbal cues, being respectful of other’s boundaries and understanding how things make others feel. I have become more compassionate, more trusting, less stressed, and open to others."

"This program has helped me learn that I am in control. I am sleeping better, I can think more clearly and appreciate the beauty in life. I can think about tomorrow and look forward to it, something that has been very difficult for me post-combat. I feel at peace with myself."

"Because of this program I am a lot more calm and aware of things around me, it has lowered my anxiety tremendously, and finding my safe place. I’ve learned to focus on what emotions I’m really feeling instead of always carrying it out with anger. I’ve gained confidence, patience and have learned to trust the process."

"My confidence level and self-esteem really went up due to the interaction with the horses and forming that camaraderie with the group. I have really learned a lot about myself."