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Para-Coach and Athlete Development Seminar

Para Coach and Athlete Development Seminar January 13 -14, 2019


Join us for a 2-day USEF-sanctioned seminar designed for athlete and coach development in para-equestrian dressage. Dressage coaches, adaptive riding instructors, and eligible athletes are encouraged to attend. Each day will start with morning lectures followed by 45-minute private mounted sessions, either as a coach or athlete. A participating athlete’s coach is encouraged to learn the essential shadow-coaching technique*, allowing for individualized feedback and continual assessment. Registrants will receive information on how to prepare for a coaching session, as well as webinars on Para-Equestrian Sports as prerequisites for the seminar.

*Shadow Coaching is a specific and advanced application of coaching based on observation and feedback from the Master Coach, with reflective practice by the learning coach and athlete.

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