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Carly Loor

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Since 2009, I have been fortunate to call Vinceremos my home—and the horses and staff my family. Hi, my name is Carly, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, specializing in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. I have the pleasure of providing mental health services at Vinceremos and am dually certified and/or trained in the three pillars of equine therapy models as both a Mental Health Professional and an Equine Professional.


With my experience and appreciation for a horse’s instinctual connection with each other and nature, it has been a precious foundation to blend that with my understanding of people as an interconnected system of self, family, community and beyond. This foundation and a background of neurobiology, evidence-based trauma approaches, mindfulness, mind-body connection and attachment offers a holistic foundation from which to enmesh horses and therapy. Everything we do in session is meant to build these interconnected systems through relationships, including relationships with the horses, with oneself, and with others.


My work with individuals is focused on identifying what is holding one back, gently letting loose the parts that no longer serve and mindfully practicing a new way of being.  Allowing those to intentionally build an awareness and connection back to one's own mind, body and spirit- handing back control to one’s self.


As a lifelong horsewoman, my qualifications include Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, EAGALA, Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning, and a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding and Vaulting Instructor. This provides our mental health team the ability to tailor psychotherapy in the most effective manner for each group and individual that comes through the gates.


I am deeply honored to serve and walk aside those who are hurting- where we can connect, heal and find wholeness & inner peace in a nonjudgmental environment.